About the Author

Thomas F. Siems

Thomas F. Siems. Ph.D. enjoys life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! He is married to the beautiful, talented and fabulous Margi Facchini Siems. Both are native Michiganders turned Texan and have brought four children into the world: Christin (a playwright), Megan (a management scientist), Alec (an aspiring businessman) and TJ (a young genius). Siems and his wife enjoy vacationing with family on the beach or in the mountains, watching action-thrillers, and staying active with their two energetic, loveable black lab puppies in Carrollton, Texas.

He spends most of his time as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and as a lecturer in the Lyle School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University. He enjoys teaching audiences new insights, inspiring young people to greatness and being an optimistic dreamer (be on the lookout for The Dangerous Pet: The Musical). The author earned a BSE from The University of Michigan and MS and Ph.D. degrees from SMU.